Wild Stories is an amazing puzzle game! Rescue animals from predators, feed herbivorous animals, get higher scores, play any animal you want — Goat, Rabbit, Wolf, Lynx and even a Bear!

Play in more than 150+ levels and challenge Your friends everyday!
Wild Stories at each level! Check out our leaderboard:

  • Brand new brainteasers` mechanics
  • Each animal has its own unique features, that You`ll discover while playing
  • Unusual brainteasers that might me both complex and simple
  • Hundreds of ways to pass the same level
  • 200 levels are available right now!
  • Opportunity to cooperate with other animals and call them to help You out as You please
  • 12 amazing locations - magic gardens, farms, forests and a lot of others
  • Challenge Your friends! See how good they are on the leaderboard
  • No time limits! Relax and play!